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Vending Machine Service Benefits

Vending services for your workplace can be a great benefit for employees and visitors to your. Water, tea and coffee are among the most popular vending service for your workplace, and with good reason – 72% of Americans now drink bottled water and an equally impressive 61% of Americans drink coffee. While less than half of Americans are tea drinkers, it is still pretty substantial when you consider how large the working population is. By providing these popular beverages along with other vending solutions for your workplace, you’ll be providing a valuable perk that the majority of employees will be able to enjoy.

Don’t forget to include coffee in the vending services for your workplace, as it’s not only a popular choice for the workplace, but it also offers some valuable health benefits. As with tea, Coffee has a large level of antioxidants and has been shown to possibly offer additional benefits as well, including protection against Parkinsons disease, liver cancer and Type 2 diabetes. And of course, coffee does provide the caffeine buzz that many employees need to help push them through a busy day of work. By providing a fresh, delicious brew right at their fingertips, you’ll be helping them to focus on doing a job well done every day of the week, while also encouraging their good health. It’s a win-win for the company and for the people who work so hard for it.

Providing vending services for your workplace doesn’t just provide a convenient service to your employees and visitors, it also instantly transforms a boring break room into a social area, helping provide a causal environment where employees can bond and meet over a cup of coffee, or for some good old fashioned water cooler talk. When you provide vending services in the workplace, you are also encouraging individuals to take their breaks in the office, providing even more time to bond with their peers. Often, some of the best ideas come out of these coffee break meetings, so be sure that you are providing some great products to chat over with high quality vending services for your workplace. Remember that what you choose will be a reflection of your business on both employees and visitors to your business, so look for a vending service that provides several different quality options to choose from. By taking your employees and tastes and likes into consideration, you’ll be helping to ensure that they will get the most out of the vending services that you provide and will appreciate having access to free products.


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