Best Food to Serve at Corporate Events

When you are in charge of coordinating the food and beverages for a corporate event, it’s a good idea to consider not just the same old food choices or easy options.  Often, the best food to serve at corporate events is something that is a little more unexpected and adventurous, as opposed to boring and bland.


When planning a corporate menu, consider the following:


Know Your Guests!

Always take a moment to think about what types of guests will be invited to the event when putting together a menu of the best food to serve at corporate events.  Many business professionals will attend so many corporate functions throughout the year that they will often have the same, bland food at almost every event.  If you want to make your event truly memorable, try serving up a little something different as a “thank you” to your guests.  Before you get too adventurous, however, take into consideration the following information about the guest list:

  • What is the professional level of your guests?  Are they Executives who expect a full sit-down meal and drink service, or is it a smaller management team who is looking forward to celebrating a milestone with a small, catered lunch?
  • How often do your guests attend events like yours?  Is there something you can do to make yours stand out among the sea of boring chicken dinners or the same cardboard lunches?
  • Where do your guests live?  Are they out of towners who would appreciate some local food or are they locals who would be interested in trying something new?
  • The ethnic background of your guests is also an important consideration, as there are many individuals who don’t eat certain types of meat due to their religious beliefs, and there may be individuals who would prefer to eat food from where they are from versus the local options.


Provide Different Options & Incorporate Fresh and Seasonal Items

The best food to serve at corporate events should include a few different options, including at least 2-3 entrée choices, three or more salad dressing options, condiments on the side and two dessert options (one that is sinfully delicious, and one that is healthy).


Choose a Menu that Fits with the Event Schedule

If you are still unsure of what to choose for your event, take a look at the schedule.   Those who need to serve a meal on the go or in 30 minutes at an event do well with gourmet boxed lunches featuring regional favorites, while plated meals are great for those who have at least an hour and half to commit to service.  Buffets can typically be completed in around an hour, while a cocktail reception can also be completed in around an hour prior to a sit-down dinner.


Consider Special Options

It’s always a good idea to have a few options available for those who have food allergies, religious requirements or dietary restrictions, so always plan accordingly before the event.

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