Water Coolers for Offices Help Productivity


Water cooler for offices help productivity, according to recent health reports that have found links between decreases in cognitive performance and dehydration.  As found in many studies, experts believe that the better hydrated you stay throughout the day, the more productive you are in the workplace.  For both men and women, regular water intake both in and out of the office can result in a better mood and better performance in all activities.  Water coolers for offices help productivity by making it easy for employees to have access to fresh, clean water throughout the work day.  Using a water cooler in the office will help employees stay awake, be more alert, feel healthy and have less fatigue overall.  For those who are trying to lose weight, drinking water throughout the day can also speed up their metabolism.

Having access to water in an office isn’t just good for employee productivity, but it’s good for their health as well.  Water helps all the systems of the human body work well, and is an essential part to our overall well being.  When employees have access to water in the workplace, they can improve their health and wellness on the job, which will result in better productivity in the end.

Below are the three main types of water coolers for offices that help productivity:

Point of Use (POU) Water Coolers

Point of use water coolers are connected directly to the local water supply.  These types of water coolers come in either countertop or freestanding models.  These types of water coolers filter incoming water automatically, so there’s no need to change or store large water bottles.  POU water coolers are eco-friendly, energy efficient and very easy to operate.


Easy to Use Bottled Water Coolers

Bottled water coolers for offices are perfect for buildings that don’t have a water line to tap into.  Although these types of water coolers require bottle delivery, they are incredibly easy to set up and maintain and come in top loading, bottom loading and countertop styles.  Bottled water coolers typically have a capacity of 3-5 gallons of water and can be placed anywhere for immediate water access.

Small Tabletop Water Dispensers

Tabletop water coolers are the perfect, compact size for smaller offices that don’t need the large bottled water coolers. These types of water cooler chill four liters of water per hour and are great space savers.  A much more sanitary option than public water fountains, tabletop water dispensers require no maintenance and are incredibly durable.

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