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Why Your Workplace Needs Coffee Service

When you work with a coffee service to provide delicious beverages to your employees and visitors on a regular schedule, you aren’t just providing a valuable service to the team, but one that is greatly appreciated as well. Coffee is one of the most common beverage services that businesses offer employees, along with bottled water and tea. 61% of Americans drink coffee, and nearly all of those individuals who work drink the majority of their coffee during the workday at the office. Along with coffee, most coffee services can also provide tea and bottled water for a little variety. Bottled water drinkers include nearly 72% of all Americans, and providing water in the workplace increases hydration and can improve overall health. Tea is also a must-have in an office, as a little less than half of Americans choose the natural beverage as their daily drink of choice. By offering these three key beverages at a minimum, you’ll be ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy. And don’t forget the extras, such as creamer, honey and sugar, as many individuals simply can’t enjoy their favorite beverage without adding a little something to sweeten them or lighten them up a bit. Giving people a few different options to choose from is the best way to provide something that will be of value to your team.

Health Benefits of Coffee

Having a coffee service makes it so easy to provide fresh, great tasting coffee to everyone in the office, and is something that is always appreciated, no matter what industry you work in. Coffee is also a healthy choice, as it’s known to have a high level of antioxidants and may offer protection against Parkinson’s diseases, liver cancer and type 2 diabetes. Coffee can also provide that helpful pick-me-up when employees are having a hard time focusing, as the caffeine content can provide a quick “wake up” call, stimulating the brain. Providing great tasting coffee benefits you and your employees, as you’ll be providing some energy when it’s needed, and they’ll get to enjoy their favorite beverage without having to run down to the local coffee shop.

Improve Company Productivity and Morale

Using a coffee service to provide great beverage options to your employees is a convenience that many will appreciate. Sometimes all it takes to transform a boring, empty break room into a brainstorming, social hub is a great coffee service. Be sure to take into consideration what your employees, clients and other visitors would appreciate when looking at what a coffee service can offer. When you take the time to put something together that they will use, you’ll be amazed at how quickly groups will start to congregate, generating great ideas and developing important business relationships that will last for a lifetimes. Your place of business should be a reflection of who you are as a company, so make sure that you’ve got everything covered with a coffee service that provides professional, dependable service and your employees will thank you.


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