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Get great Corporate Catering options at the very best prices – we will provide you quotes from the best catering companies in Washington. Let our huge collection of catering partners in the 98450 area provide your employees, customers and clients the best meals available. We provide complete catering options – Our Caterers Specialize In:

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  • Daily Meals for Employees and Guests
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Training Sessions and Seminars
  • Company Events and Special Occasions
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We will supply you with up to 4 catering bids at no cost to you. Every one of these local caterers are very regarded professionals, with years of experience in catering all types of events. All of these companies understand they will be bidding amongst each other, so you can be confident that you are receiving the best prices possible. All of these bids are totally free, and you are under no obligation to accept any of these bids.

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Benefits of Corporate Catering Quotes

Corporate catering quotes offer an easy convenience for busy business owners, office managers and directors who need to quickly compare the cost for food catering or delivery services for a catered organization event. This could be an entire company meeting, a gathering to celebrate an employee or any other professional event that requires great food at an affordable price. Today’s corporate catering quotes are provided for services that include much more variety and quality than what you may be used to, as caterers and chefs are ascending to satisfy the desires of organizations that have begun looking for more options.  These include healthy choices and alternatives for people who have dietary restrictions or allergies. Instead of being forced into boxed lunches and other so-called “gourmet” options, business catering quotes allow you to review catering bids from a number of the top providers in Tacoma, with quotes that are tailor-made to fit within your budget and schedule constraints.  Whether you need catering for a business meeting, a big awards ceremony, or even daily service, corporate catering quotes from professional caterers in your area are the best place to start.

Professional catering services have become a staple in many businesses, as more firms are eschewing the expensive restaurant lunches and dinners out and instead using catering for important meetings, corporate gatherings and for in-house celebrations. Many firms also provide free food and beverages as a courtesy to employees.

Corporate Catering on Daily Basis

We have a large number of catering companies in Tacoma that can provide your employees with daily meals – breakfast, lunch, or both.  Companies with a regular need for meal delivery can easily set daily food delivery schedules for any budget and any number of employees.  Corporate catering on a daily basis often leads to:

Increased Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

Offering food catering is a very nice fringe benefit that shows your employees that you care about their well-being and health. Long brainstorming sessions and company deadlines where individuals are closed in conference rooms all day can be your employees.  When you provide catered food that they enjoy, suddenly things can become more relaxed. When you can can do things to make the day more enjoyable, your employees are likely to be more focused and productive. Not too mention that you will be keeping the team’s energy up for more effective brainstorming all day long.

Huge Selection of Food Choices

One of the greatest benefits about providing food catering and catering services for your employees and visitors is that there truly is something for everyone in terms of budget and tastes.  Affordable buffets, bagel and spread platters and other items are a common request for many businesses as they are the most economical options that are proven to please almost everyone’s tastes. Special options, like  different types of cuisine add some international flair as well as a lot of variety.

There are many different types of food catering and other catering services available to companies, with options that are implemented to meet people’s preferences. Catering services now offer a vegetarian and vegan options and will also make special items for those who have specific food allergies. Depending on the catering company you choose, you will have enough food choices to accommodate even the pickiest eaters out there.

Catering for Business and Corporate Meetings in Tacoma

Our caterers can take care of your business needs – from continental breakfasts, to delicious lunches, to dinner business meetings – we are here to help!  Rather than making your clients or employees eat with plastic utensils out of plastic boxes, dazzle them with real silverware and dishware and appetizing cuisine.  Once you have experienced and tasted professional catering, you will never go back to stale sandwiches or soggy pizza again. Corporate meetings are important.  You want to make sure you convey a professional manner and competent attitude in everything you do, which includes what type of food and refreshments you have available.  Using professional caterers can maximize your time and make your presentations and meetings a complete success by providing hot, delicious food at just the right time.

Tacoma Corporate Parties and Special Events

Celebrating hitting a sales goal? Showing your appreciation for a job well-done? No matter what the occasion, our catering network can make your event special and stress-free.  Our network of preferred caterers can offer a wide array of services, from simple meals to complete event planning.  Our professional caterers can happily offer assistance in event planning, presentation, and specifically customized event menus.  Specific caterers can also help your company with:

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  • Wait Staff
  • Decorations and Flowers
  • Liquor Service
  • Entertainment
  • Other Specific Requests

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